Fabio Salini is considered one of the top designers of his generation in the world of jewellery. Every single piece of jewellery he creates is the expression of a perfect balance between creativity and design, thanks to his extraordinary ability to make precious gems coalesce with unusual materials in an inimitable harmony of form and colour, volume and proportion. Since the launch of his very first collection, his pieces, made from leather, cord, copper, bronze, ebony, carbon fibre and titanium combined with gold and gemstones, have delighted an international clientele that includes illustrious personages such as Rania of Jordan, enchanted by the unique style of his jewellery. It is a sophisticated and elegant style, a perfect marriage of tradition and innovation, distinguished by inspired designs and sumptuous details that revolutionize the concept of high jewellery. Handmade by consummate goldsmiths, each jewel is a one-of-a-kind artwork and an expression of timeless passions and sensations.